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Who are we ?

We are an ‘’A’’ class travel agency (Turkey travel and incoming) located in Sultanahmet (Old City), Istanbul and we have been proudly serving our clients for a long time. We handle all kinds of travel arrangements - transportation, accomodation, guided tours, boat tours - according to our client(s)’ time, budget and interests.

Let us explain what we mean:

Time : We need to know the clients' time frame. This is date of arrival and date of departure from Turkey.

Budget : So we can choose the perfect tours, type of hotels and transports for your trip. We can arrange the tours in 2 different ways:

1.Regular Group Tours: You will join a group with maximum 14 people from different contries. This is to share transportation and guiding cost.

2.Private Tours: This option gives you complete freedom. You can decide which sights to visit and the duration of the visit.

Interests: What are your passions? History? Nature? Religion or Art? Let us know and we will give our own suggestions based on what you like the most. And if you have a specific place/area you would like to see, tell us. 

We hope to have given you an idea about our company and our options. Please feel free to contact if you need further information.

Emin Sinan Mah. Emin Sinan Hamamı Sok. No:6 34126 Çemberlitaş / İstanbul – TÜRKIYE
Tel : +90 212 517 00 13 Fax : +90 212 517 00 09 E-mail: info@istanbuldailycitytours.com

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